> My name is VLADIMIR TOPALOV, I'm a HR Manager of the MIMOTRANS payment system
> Financial department, which enters MIMO Finance Group.
> Due to our company amendment in the Europe market we need a new staff.
> And now we are glad to offer you a vacant position of Financial Department
> Manager of our company.
> We can offer you:
> - high regular income
> - career development potential
> - 14-days paid vacation
> - work in a friendly team
> - bonuses and loyalty program for the company employees
> - and other
> You can get all of that working with us without leaving your home as the job
> which we are glad to offer you, requires spending of just a few hours
> per day near your computer.
> Your minimal income is $2,000 per month. You are getting 5% of each money
> transfer. Moreover we pay all expenditures and system commissions.
> We do not require ANY investments from you.
> Requirements to applicant:
> - Two hours of spare time per day!
> - Basic knowledge of ENGLISH.
> - Intermediate level of computer skills.
> - Ability to work in team.
> - Absence of involvements to police.
> - Lawful age.
> Your duties include: private clients payments treatment.
> You will get bank transfers from our clients and send it to recipient.
> How to become our employee?
> Just fill form registration and we'll definitely contact you.
> http://www.mimomimoform.com/
> (We'll answer you only after the registration.
> We do not answer to letters of reply via e-mail)


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