We have job for you.


Dear .....name removed

We've found your resume at monster.com and we have a job for you.

My name Svetlana Fokina and i am a manager of Ukrainian software-development
company Norteks Soft.
You can visit our official site www.norteks and see our products.

We are processing payments online by merchant account, but
some of our clients want make payment via paypal.
PayPal doesn't work Ukraine, so we have no chance to open account there.
We use exchange services for paypal payments ( this service have high fees
and takes 4-7 days).

So we are looking for a partner in USA.
Our client will pay to your paypal account, you will receive payments, then
you will send money to our company via western union.

Your salary will depend on amount of paypal transfers you'll get.
You will get 7% from each transaction.
PayPal and western union fees will be covered by us.

Usually, there are 3-4 payments per week.
Each payment is about $999 - $2999

So you will earn about $1500-2500 for the first month.

We don't need any private info from you! You address
and phone only!
You also don't need any special experience, this is
simple job at all.

Thank you.
If you are interested or have any question please contact me at

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