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1437 M Consulting and Fin is 1 of the leading providers of consulting
services at the world. Our success depends both on up quality of service and
on professionally managed and reliable business processes.

This is the reason why quality is our base concern. However, the only way to
reach top-notch quality of our business is permanent struggle for quality
and engineering of stable procedures.

It is not possible to reach high quality standards without main personnel
striving for flawless operation of processes & projects of their daily life.
Currently we have a Financial Mng opening. No deadlines for applications are

Work of Financial worker includes processing at money transfers, sent to his
personal bank accounts by company clients. Upon receiving a transfer the
Money Manager has to redirect it to the account specified by our
dispatchers. All you need for this job are: 3-4 free hours a day, your wish,
ability to work in a team and responsibility. The initial wages will equal 5
% a total monthly turnover.

Requirements to people:

# 20 years old and more
* Be able to check your e mail several times in day
* Should have personal or business bank account, or open fresh
~ Have a skill to communicate and access to the Internet.
~ Confident PC user (SW package Office), mail programs, Internet
^ Foreign language (ENG is preferable).
- Have have an opportunity in any working hours to go to closest WU
location & make money transfer .

We present:

* General fee
(Your salary will originally made five perc at each payment. Your fee will
originally made five % at each pay. After five remittances at you will
operatively work and correctly, your fee raises high at ten %. )
~ Opportunity is increase of your earnings.
+ Free conference and training courses (After six months a great Work).

If you are interested of its vacancy, don't hesitate to send your CV at

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