Contract from MIMOTRANS

Thanks you showed interest to the vacancy of the financial monitoring
manager in the MIMOTRANS Company.

This is not easy money! You will wake up in the morning and turn off your
computer, enter your mail server and find our email about completed transfer
to your bank account, then you will hear your mobile sound and hang up, we
will inform you about this transfer.

Than you will enter your e-bank, and see that transfer is already here, you
will visit bank branch and ask bank manager to withdraw this payment (for
example: 5000 EUR) you will receive this money and go to the nearest Western
Union department, your salary in this example is 5%=250 EUR, 4750 EUR(minus
Western Union fees ) you will transfer via western union to our supplier and
you will receive blank (with money transfer control number, sender name,
sender city, receiver name).This information you should send to our email
and since this moment your salary 250 EUR is confirmed. I know many managers
and they are hardworking person on practice. This task as usual demand 2-3
hours to be completed. Sometimes you will have more time. This opportunity
is for executive people (man or woman is not important, on practice woman
are more executive, but this is only my point of view) and 250 EUR is good
salary for this time. We are modern company and we care about our workers,
and one year before the salary was about 3%, we decided to provide higher
salary for our manager, because on practice:
- it is possible that bank is situated on other side of city, and you should
use taxi or your car (this money we decided to pay from our funds)
- we want to provide more work for you, and you will see that it is best
proposition on job market for today.
- maybe you want to use this opportunity as start time job, and we can
understand this, about 40% of managers combine this work with their full
time employment, and on practice after 2-3 months people decide to work only
with us, and not spend time in their prime work.

We have considered your candidacy and we think you can be an excellent
member of our company. Please download at
the labor contract, which need to be printed, filled in and sent to our
Also we need scan of your Passport or ID or DL.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
MIMOTRANS. Hiring Centre.


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