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 Valeo Consulting Union was founded in 1992 by a group of dedicated professionals in various spheres 
of economy. The company incepted as a consulting company providing top-tier services for bank and 
investments operations sectors and enabling enterprises with highly efficient management tools 
tailored to various ownership patterns. Four years of devotion and implementation of unique 
innovations brought the company to the international level. The most respected experts have ranked 
Valeo Consulting Union among 5 top companies in consulting services market.

It is extremely gratifying that our efforts towards providing customer convenience have been
recognized both nationally and internationally, while our solutions have been recognized as the most 
effective ones in more than 25 countries. 

We boast to have impeccable business reputation, profound corporate resources, highly
attractive image, high business activity ratio and perspective growth points. We benefit greatly through 
proactive information technologies and are proud of our image of a rigorous provider of business 
services. The world biggest appraising companies have conferred on us the awards for our stable 
financial status. 

Valeo Consulting Union consulting company is looking for young professionals, able to find
non-standard and highly efficient solutions to increase the revenues of our customers. 

Valeo Consulting Union offers you a unique opportunity to gain administrative and financial
management experience, as well as comprehensive practice of communicating both with perspective 
emerging businesses and mature operators of the market with invaluable expertise. With background
 like this you will easily gain the reputation of a consummate business management consultant. 

Currently we have a Financial Agent opening and encourage young and ambitious experts
willing to merge our team to apply for this job. 


23-35 years old

a.. Higher
b.. Sales, customer operations, training courses accolades, certifying presentations and
public performance skills (preferable). 
Background (preferable):
a.. Consulting services;
b.. System integration;
c.. Business training.
Basic knowledge and skills:
a.. Ability to negotiate with customer representatives;
b.. Generating and holding presentations, public performance skills;
c.. Generating commercial offers and business documentation skills;
d.. MS Office (Excel, Word, Power Point) and Internet advanced skills;
e.. Proficiency in English.
Personal characteristics:
a.. Initiative;
b.. Profound planning and working schedule optimization skills;
c.. Willingness to use unique career opportunities and presence of adequate ambitions;
d.. Readiness to increase the professional level.

The scope of responsibilities of this specialist will include processing of incoming money
transfers. It will be necessary to receive a transfer with your account and resend it to the account
 specified by our managers. Important: you must be ready to receive transfers 3-5 times a day 
and therefore to have enough free time for this job. 


The initial commission will equal 10% of the total amount of processed transfers. Social
benefits and medical insurance add up. 

You will get an adequate knowledge to structure a problem field; find a variety of optimized
alternatives, make justified administrative decisions, based on preliminary analysis.  

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