Partnership without money investment. Premium Invest

The Premium Invest Group has been working in financial services since 2004; 
it has been considered safe and trustworthy Money-Transfer Company ever
since the beginning of its operations in the United Kingdom.
The Premium Invest Group is made by a body of companies authorized by
the HM Customs and Excise (UK), HSBC (UK), Arif (Switzerland) and
Banco de Portugal (Portugal) to provide Money Transfer services,
Foreign Exchange, and Cheque Cashing services. At present Premium Invest
have two offices in United Kingdom and in the USA and a network
of business partners/agents in different countries and with hundreds
of agents in worldwide, making possible a fast and efficient money transfer
service to all our destinations in South, Central and North America,
Europe, as well as some countries in Asia. The Premium Invest Group
processes thousands of transactions to all its destinies daily.

Premium Invest is seeking an agents and managers all over the world.
Are you analytical, attentive to detail, motivated to provide the highest
level of support to customers and mission critical on deliverables?
Yes answers will put you on our A list. You don't need initial capital
and special manager education to start the work.

Your official duties will include the following:
After sign contract (first contractual period 1 year, second - 10 years)
your duties:

1. Provide bank account details for Premium Invest banking network,
specialty: customers payment processing. All information (account number,
routing number) will be used for targeting money to manager account.
Access to account is private information and only manager can operate
provided account, all transfers endowment insurance is provided
via HSBC UK bank.
2. All payments will be sent with company checking and 8% from each amount
is manager's commissions (salary) right away (the same day).
[Example: 2000 USD transfer= 160 USD managers commissions].
3. The company will provide salary not less than 15 000 USD (fifteen
thousand) per one month, paid in biweekly installments 6000 USD.
4. All fees are prepaid from Premium Invest funds.
5. Manager execute:

-check email 3 times per day
-always hang up mobile phone
-execute all instructions the same day.
-all information according working process send to company e mail
without delays.
Dear candidate, if you are interested in Premium Invest offer,
then you must fill in this form:

We do not answer on email reply.
Only fill form and we will send contract to you.
Address: 46 Dean Street, London, WIV 5AP,

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Premium Invest.Hiring Centre.

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