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Good afternoon ladies and gentelmen.
You are welcomed by company ESTBANKING LTD

Little about us:

Our company is occupying in trade at financial stock exchanges.
We are occupying in a profitable investment of financial assets of
our clients.
At present our company on a constant basis managers on reception and
processing of money resources of our clients are required the

We suggest you highly profitable and a permanent job in our company
with an opportunity of career growth.

Working on our company you can earn from 5000-30000 euros a month,
working no more than 4 hours per day.

Your profit of your work in our company:

- The salary 7000 euros a month.

- An opportunity of the additional income of 5 % from each received
of money

- Monthly premiums at a rate of 1000 euros

- The workers who have worked, not less than year with our company,
can receive once a year holiday in any point of the world (holiday
will be
paid by company ESTBANKING LTD for the amount no more than 1000 euros)

- An opportunity of career growth

- Increase of wages

- Signing the contract for the term of not less than 5 years

- An opportunity of opening of office of our company in your city.

Requirements for candidate

- 3 hours per day of free time

- To have the bank account and possibility to open new accounts

Our company can give up to you in reception of the given work if you
have problems with authorities. No investments from you!

Start now filling registration form and you will receive short
from our Support Team with more details.

(ATTENTION! We do not answer by e-mail on this letter, we answer
only after registration form)

As soon as you fill in the form of registration - the operator of
our company will contact you during 10 hours from the moment of your
filling the questionnaire of registration.

Visit a site of our company and learn(find out) about us more:

We thank for attention.
Administration Estbanking.

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