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My name is Alex Moore, and I'm chief manager in Fast Dealings Company. Sorry for taking your time, but I would like to introduce you  our Financial Services, and inform you about our new Financial Manager positions for USA and European Union citizens. Please, visit our website at
First of all, let me give you more information about our Services. We offer wide range of Financial Services worldwide. We are professionals in Worldwide Incorporation Services, Money Transfer, Anonymous Financial Services, Escrow Services, Loans and Documentary operation specialists.
We are working for more than 7 years, and have wide network of customers and clients worldwide. All our activity 100% observes European Union, USA Law, and is accepted by ICPC Conference (Quioto, 2004)
We are incorporated in Germany, Dusseldorf, and have our main office in Germany. At this moment, our French office is closed for couple months.
If you are interested in our services – please, do not hesidate and contact us at
Other news I have for you is Financial Manager position. This position is opened for USA and EU citizens. We do not require any special knowlege, skill or education. We are looking for trustable and honest people for assisting us in our financial activity.
This job is serious, but rather simple and easy. It requires 4-5 hours A WEEK, and gives you an opportunity to earn $3,000-4,000 per month.
1) Why do we need you? – It is very simple. After European Union new rule (from August 2006), all incoming transfers that go to company – are considered as corporate income, and we have to pay 20% of VAT (Value Added Tax) from incoming amount. After consultings with local authorities and bankers, we found great way of tax minimization. You are the middle in our transaction. You act as our employee, worker, and receive transfers for our company.
Then you redirect it to us. It appears that you as a person, receive transfer – you pay no taxes. And we, as a company, receive transfer from our employee, that is definately not an income. It allows us to save money, make our services cheaper, and give you opportunity to have additional income.
2) What do you receive from that? – 5% from incoming transfer. Please, note, that all fees that you will need to pay to transfer money to us – are paid from our part. For example, if you receive $1,000 transfer, your fee is $50. If you need to send us international wire transfer, which costs $45, you will send us $1,000-50-45=$905
3) How much can you earn? – That depends on you. Average transfer amounts are from $2,000 to $7,000 in local currency. If you work quickly and responsibly – we will be able to make 5-7 transfers per week.
3) Is it legal? – Absolutely. We perfectly know about internet fraud problem. We've been victims of scam, but did everything to avoid these situations in future. We are not interested in involving you into any illegal activity, because with you we are able to earn money, get new customers. We can sign contract with you, which clearly explains all duties and responsibilities between our company and you.

Ok. What do you need to do? Open new, or use existing bank account. We will arrange transfers into your account, you redirect it to us at our cost, taking 5% as your commission. We stronly recomend you to trnsfer all your money out of the account, so you will be safe that we will not 'steal' your money. Please, understand that we are notscammers, and we do not need to steal your money. We are interested in mutual profit.

If you are interested in positions offered, or our Financial Services – feel free to contact us at or fill online application at our website at for a job.
We will always be happy to assist you.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,
Alex Moore, Fast Dealings Company
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