Dear Sir/Madam,

Pleasant day, I have a job offer you might be interested in.

My name is MARK LAWSON, I am 46 years of age and i work

With MADSEN BIZ INC.LTD. We extract raw materials from Africa

for production of textile and fabrics which we supply to

our clients in the North American geographical region(united states and

Canada) and Europe for cloth making.

We are looking for a representative in America and Europe

to work for us as a par time worker and we are willing to

pay 10% for every transaction, which wouldn't affect your present state

of work. First of all I will like to know your Name/Age/Sex/Location

and what u do for a living presently?

Our main factory is located in Africa where we extract the

raw materials needed for the manufacturing of fabrics.

We need someone who would help us receive payments from our

customers in the states, i mean someone that is responsible an

reliable. Though we are working on setting up a branch in the

States, but for now we need a representative in the United

state, Canada and Europe who will be handling that aspect. These

payments are in checks or money orders and transfers and they would

come to you in your name, so all you need do is cash it out, deduct

your payment and wire the rest to us via western union.

But sometimes the (FBI) gets involved incase someone tries to

run with our money, i hope that is okay. If you are

interested i would send you an employment letter which you are to sign

and send back to me as soon as possible and we would need

you to give us your full name, home address e-mail address and

your phone number so as to get in contact with you.

It wouldn't cost you any amount, you are to receive payments which will

be sent to you by fedex or ups from our business partners,

which would come in a cashiers cheque or money order then you are to

cash it and send the cash to us via western union money transfer

all western union charges will be deducted from the money. as

soon as you have the money sent you will have to provide us

with the Payment information for pickup.

We are looking forward to your quick reply.

You can mail us back at: (marklawson_12@walla.com)

Please if you are interested kindly fill up the contact form below:

NAME IN FULL-:_________________________









HOME PHONE:-___________________________

MOBLIE PHONE:-_________________________


Thanks and God bless.



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