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We have found your resume at and we are ready to provide you
with work in our company.
Our company specializes in providing successful economical management and
business dealing using the advanced technologies.

For the moment we can offer you a vacancy of a remote
finance manager.


We are looking for a person, who will be responsible for management and
conduction of financial remittances with the clients of our Company and
who will receive payments from our clients in the territory of Germany.
Most of our clients for some reasons are able to transfer payments for the
services rendered by our Company using the bank account only in territory
of Germany.

We need the person who will be able to receive money remittances (direct
deposits and gift checks) from our clients, to cash them, and then to
transfer money to regional managers of our Company which are situated
worldwide. You can do it using modern methods of money transfers (Wire
transfers, Western Union, Money Gram) depending on the country where the
manager of our company is located.

We will instruct you step by step and we will provide you with all
detailed instructions.
There will be no difficulties in your work.
You will have to work some hours in a day. The post of financial manager
requires accuracy, responsibility and decency because you will work with
our clients' money.
You will have to check your e-mail several times a day (where we'll send
you the work instructions), to follow the instructions and to show the
initiative in the necessary moment.
The work in our company is legitimate, for more information you can visit
In the first months of work you will earn $3000-4000. Show yourself as a
hardworking, punctual, fair, self-organized employee and your promotion on
the next career level is secured and the amount of your salary will
You will work at home, you won▓t be attached to the office.
We'll provide you with all necessary information about the names and
requisites of our clients, so you don▓t have to worry about the lack of
information on your work.
If you are interested in this work, please, notify us on your desire in
reply letter and then we shall send you to your e-mail address the
contract which you should fill.
DON'T reply to this e-mail
Thank you
Alex Brewster
General manager sorry for possible disturbance

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