Important for job-seekers in Germany

We are happy to introduce our new project.

Our Online Bargain Association, Bid-alot.Inc (EBay affiliate), has begun successful cooperation with German commercial authorities.

Our online bargain system is secured with genuine anti-FPS (fraud prevention system) and this is why we, as the official affiliate of EBay are proud to guarantee safety and security of every online bargain operation our business group completes in Germany.

Available jobs:

Support manager
Schedule: 8 hours per day.
Salary: 2000 EUR per month.
Requirements: PC, mobile phone, online access.
Job description: Assist customers from Your regions with full time Internet and personal support.

Bargain manager
Schedule: 3-5 hours per day.
Salary: From 3500 EUR per month + commissions for successful completion of weekly duties with no delays.
Requirements: online access, mobile and land line number, bank account with one of the German Banks below to process initial funds transfers from German clients to worldwide customers of I-SoldIt.Inc
Job description: Assist customers from Your region with funds processing from the initial bidder to the seller himself. Become the initial third party between the seller and the bidder from German region.

Transport manager
Schedule: 6-10 hours per day.
Salary: 2500 EUR per month.
Requirements: car, online access, cell and home phone, punctuality and responsibility.
Job description: Transport the initial wares to the post office and International postal service companies. Maximum carrying capacity of 3 tons.

Obligatory for everyone applying:

Age limit from 18y.o to 65.y.o
Check email correspondence daily
Contact customers from one's region by the email and by t
he phone


1. Become our initial representative and a middleman between the seller and the buyer from your country

2. Gain authority with people from all parts of the world who really rely on Your service

3. Future career opportunities

4. Work successfully and get weekly bonuses besides monthly salary for outstanding performance of one's duties.

If You wish to apply for any of the positions above or would like to get more info,

please confirm and reply to us.

Sincerely Yours
Bid-a lot.Inc

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