Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to Sunrise-Invest

Our company is involved in purchase and sale of equity stakes of various oil companies throughout the world. PRESENTLY, our company needs cooperation with European partners for increase and development of our business.  
We are glad to offer you a job of manager responsible for receipt and transfer of cash funds. You will be able to earn 10% of each amount of money, which you received. Cooperating with our company, you will be able to earn EUR 3000-7000 per day working not more than 3 hours.
Advantages of work with our company: –    Promising career development. –    Ability to work at home.
–    High salary..
–    Monthly bonuses.
–    We require experience of work and higher education.

In order to get a job in our company you need to have:
–      Bank account –      Office of Western Union or Money Gram in your town.
In order to get a job in our company, please complete the registration form on our web site

After your complete the registration form – operator of our company will contact you within 10 hours from the moment of completion of the registration form. Please complete the form, we do not respond to e-mails.

Looking forward to receiving your response. Administration of  Sunrise-Invset

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