A great chance to earn more !




My name is Luisa Vangelder and I am the manager of a Human Recourses
department of Swiss Invest company.

The purpose of this message is to draw Your attention to a vacant position
of a financial manager for cooperation with private individuals.

But first of all – a few words about our company.
Swiss Invest Ltd was founded in 1994. Our specialists grant services of
purchase and sale, privatization, brokering and dealer transactions on stock
exchange. We handle financial agency on equity market, using a great variety
of investment instruments. Moreover we can conduct a private survey on stock
market upon client’s request.
Professionalism and conscientiousness of our company enables us to attract a
large number of clients. Nowadays Swiss Invest firmly holds a position of a
leading company on European equity market, which ensures our stable

So today, we are glad to offer You to:
- become a part of our company;
- join a team of high qualified specialists;

- get a prestigious part time job;
- earn a good deal.

In order to become our financial manager for cooperation with private
EDUCATION. You will just be supposed to:
- have approximately 2 free hours a day;

- have a bank account (or to be able to open a new one, especially for
company needs);
- have a PC.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS ESSENTIAL TO enable us to grant our clients the best
service in shortest dates.
- to receive payments for the ordered stocks and bonds from the Swiss
Invest clients (private individuals) to Your bank account;
- to withdraw the funds and to transfer it further to our brokers in one
of the countries where the desirable stocks and bonds should be bought.

The transfer should be done by the means of Western Union or money Gram
services to fasten the process of the delivery of the funds. Your SALARY is
6% commission out of every deposit that You receive on Your bank account.

If you are interested in the vacancy offered, please get some more
detailed information on the following Web address:


Our managers will be glad to answer any questions.

We are looking forward to working with You!

I am sorry if this letter has been sent to You by mistake. In that case,
please be so kind to delete it.

Yours faithfully Luisa Vangelder



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