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12 Shevchenko St.
Kovel, Ukraine


We are small new firm engaged in export of goods to overseas
outside my country.We have won various small exports contract at one
time or the other, recently we were (engaged) contracted to supply
financial programs for market analyzing, management project software,
FOREX in Germany, Australia, and USA which was successfully don

However, in as much as we able to successfully carry out these supplies, we experience difficulty remitting our proceeds from the sale of these products home.
This is due to the fact that the fiscal policy in my country is very
stringent and not favorable.

Small firms like ours are not allowed before six months of operation, to open and operate a domiciliary account in foreign currencies abroad through which we would have been able to remit our proceeds home.

To this end we seek a foreign company or individuals who we can nominate as our partners to receive our payments in their business/individual accounts on our behalf and in turn send the money directly to us.

Thus we are willing to pay the individual or company 8% of the total sum for their assistance. This 8% will not be a loss to us instead we hope to incorporate these costs in our future charges to our prospective customers overseas. Currently we are not able to bring back home our funds totaling USD $171,000.00
in DE, AU and USA from export we just made.

We therefore solicit your assistance to help remit this money ,To facilitate this transaction if you deem you would be able to undertake this task for the company,I
would want you to submit to us via mail to the following information which includes

1 Your Full Name as it would appear on your resume
2 Your Qualification
3 Your Contact Address
4 Telepone number/Fax
5 Your present Occupation and Position presently held

We are also hoping to build a long time business relationship with you should you be
interested. Once we have built our trust on you, we will continue to straighten the Business Relationship. We hope you can be of assistance to our company.

We are very much aware of various scams going on all over, and as such we are assuring you that at no time you will be required to pay or transfer funds that you have not received from our customers to us.

We are sincerely a legitimate entrepreneur seeking for a trustworthy foreign partner.

Viktor Men'shov

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