5: Wir suchen einen Regionalvertreter! (Ref:545)

From:  "Karyn Haymore" <an2mpgrb438@yahoo.com>
Subject:  5: Wir suchen einen Regionalvertreter! (Ref:545)
Date:  Mon, May 8, 2006 13:54
To:  report@a-i3.org

Business V. Company introduces a position of a manager, responsible for the payments from our customers and other financial means.

The requirements for the candidates are:
Being energetic, responsible, honest and industrious;
Being under 75 years old and should be more than 18 years old;
Basic English (for applicants from all countries);
Having a few (1,5-2) spare hours a day, being able to work overtime if needed;
Having a bank account in your country (you can open a separate account specially for receiving funds from us);
Having a landline or mobile phone;
Having an E-mail.

Job description:
Candidates whose will be accepted for this vacancy will follow these simple instructions:
– Check your e-mail 4-5 times per day (every hour is welcome);
– Receive money resources from our Company;
– Fill the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions (every candidate will be included in manager's lists);
– Report to our managers;
– Transfer received money to our customers (by any accessible method for both sides).

We cover all transfer fees! (i.e. wire transfer fee, Western Union fee, etc)

First trial month we offer 5% commission on every transaction. After trial month we will sign contract with you.
Depending on country you are in, and of course on how good business is, your monthly commissions could be as high as 3,000 Euro per month.

You will need no money to start!
If you are interested or need further information
please just fill the Application Form and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Ernest McHariston, Marketing Dept.

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