Re[9]: Verdienen Sie bitte mit Ihrem Bankkonto! (ref: 4337)

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Subject:  Re[9]: Verdienen Sie bitte mit Ihrem Bankkonto! (ref: 4337)
Date:  Sat, April 15, 2006 0:22

HQ Financing Inc. a leader in tax return practice is looking for responsible individuals to be responsible for the areas of customer service, transaction and bank operations.

Current openings: Financial Assistant/Transaction Manager
You will receive transfers for our company, send/receive funds (bank transfers, checks, money orders). You should have your local bank branch located near you, so you can withdraw money from your account within several hours. You should have home, work or cell phone number (preferably), so we can contact you immediately.


* Be able to check your email several times a day
* Be able to respond to emails immediately
* Be able to work overtime if needed
* Be responsible and hard working
* Should have personal/business bank account

If you are interested in this position and meet the minimum requirements please visit and register here!
Registration is FREE of charge. Initial training is provided!
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