China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation(CAlEC) BE OUR Representative!!!!

From:  "clap paki" <>
Subject:  China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation(CAlEC) BE OUR Representative!!!!
Date:  Thu, March 23, 2006 10:24

China Abrasives Import & Export Corporation(CAlEC) BE OUR Representative!!!!

China Abrasives Import and Export Corporation (CAlEC) is the
specialized foreign trade company, which chiefly engages in exporting
and importing abrasives raw materials, abrasives finished products and
relevant machinery and equipment. The corporation has its head office
in Zhingzhou , Henan province, its branch in Shenzhen, Hainan, branch
office in Shanghai, Qingdao, liaison offices in Beijing, Tianjin,

Hello ,

We are not going to request any money from you in this notable
It is my pleasure to write you in respect of our organization.

We are searching for reliable representatives who can help us
establish a medium of getting to our customers in the North America as
well as legally receiving cash and all forms of payment on our behalf
from them as our Representative.

Please if interested in transacting business in view of helping us, so
our clients could be making payment to you as our representative, we
will be very glad.Compensations will be given and other benefits.
 You will be entittled to 10% of every payment made through you.
payment will be made via your Bank account.

Contact us for more information, if this proposal is acceptable to
you. Please get back to us, so that remuneration can be worked out for
your services as
our representative in North America as your location shall determine.
For further information and enquiries .

For further information and enquiries.

With the following information/details below

——Name In Full

——Relevant Experience

——Residential Address(Country,State and Zip Code)

——Phone/Fax Number

——Email Address

We anticipate your earliest response in this regard.

Waiting to hear form you through this or


Mr. Clapp Paki

Secretary. China Metallurgical Import & Export Henan Company

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