Willing to earn money? This job is right for you!

From:  "ECOLIFE COMPANY" <rsaiwnnexbdpq@yahoo.com>
Subject:  Willing to earn money? This job is right for you! [Tue, 21 Feb 2006 23:57:53 -0400]
Date:  Wed, February 22, 2006 4:58
To:  phishing-info@rub.de

If You are firm of purpose, active and are willing to earn some cash, then this
offer is for You. The EcoLife Company is one of the largest cleansing facility
dealers in the world. Every year we go out to the markets of different countries,
keep and eye and study the demand and sales-market in every new country. As a result
of our move to the market of Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France
and Greece we are having temporary employee recruitment for the position of a
financial manager. It is required for You to be:
Honest and executive

- You must have a bank account
- You must have several free time hours per day
- You must have a phone number we can get through to You
- You must have an email address

The fact that You need no specialized knowledge or some sort of financial investment
is sure an indisputable bonus of our partnership. The job we are offering to You
consists of receiving bank wire transfers from our clients and partners on to Your
bank account. Once the money is on Your account, You must send it to the customer’s
representative office that has the wares purchased by the customer in stock either
via the Western Union or via the Money Gram. For Your service You get from 5% to 7%
from the total amount of transferred funds. The EcoLife Company covers all other
Western Union and Money Gram fees and costs.
Your service won’t be needed on a constant basis, but only for the time of our
sales-market study in Your region and also for the time of registration of all
necessary papers and the corporative accounts opening. You don’t just earn cash by
working with us, but also help saving and cleaning our endangered environment.
If You have any questions, please contact us via email:


Special offer!
In order to work with us, you even may not have a bank account. You are welcome to
consult our manager via the e-mail regarding this offer.

The EcoLife Company is very grateful and thankful for Your attention to our offer.
www.monster.com supplied us with Your email at our desire because Your email address
has been subscribed to the job-offer advertisements by You or someone else.

Best wishes to You

Klaus Preiss
EcoLife Company Administration

If the presence of this letter in Your email box is a mistake, the EcoLife company
administration makes its apologies. Simply delete the letter.

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